Facing Cancer With Grace Has Moved

Thank you so much for your interest in Facing Cancer With Grace. To better serve the needs of my readers, I have moved the blog to my website, Heather Erickson Author/Writer. Please check it out and sign up for my free newsletter while you are at it. I look forward to giving you great content at the new site.

About connectedtothevine

My husband was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in early November, 2012. He needed to resign as the pastor of a small non-denominational church due to his declining health, but he still desired to have a place to minister. He began a blog called, "Dan's Pulpit." Along with other topics, he wrote a 16 part series called, "It's Cancer." I began adding to these blogs and editing with the intent to have a book about some of the things involved in fighting cancer. We wanted to foster an understanding of what a patient and his/her family faces. As things continued to progress, we decided to put what I was writing out in the blog, "Facing Cancer With Grace." Along with the series, "Our Story," I hope to add some information to help people facing a health crisis to be able to see hope in the midst of a major life crisis through Jesus Christ.
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2 Responses to Facing Cancer With Grace Has Moved

  1. SR says:


    I have been to your sight twice and can find no way to follow it. I know it is “operator difficulty” but could you please point me to the follow button??? 🙂 Love and God Bless, SR


    • Thank you for calling that to my attention. It was not operator error on your part. Managed WordPress doesn’t have a WP follow me button. It does allow a Feedburner follow me button, though, so I just added that. It is located in the lower right of the screen along the bottom.

      Bless you!


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